Informare VARA 2020 White Lagoon

Conditions for changes of all bookings for Summer 2020 for White Lagoon – must be made until 29.04.2020:

»   All bookings for Summer 2020, excluding Easter and 1st of May bookings

A)  They can change the dates of stay and keeping the same Season (Low, Mid, High) - please see at the end of the page

Keeping the same price, so no extra charge, if they are NO changes in the reservation details, such as hotel, number of people, number of adults / children, number of overnights;

If they want to extend their stay, keeping the same season:

calculation = (standard seasonal contract for extra nights at the respective hotel - 10% discount) + (communal fee on the additional overnights) - (sum already paid)

B)  They can postpone their stay in lower or higher season, keeping the total amount of their paid reservation as an advance and paying the difference, calculated on the basis of the standard seasonal rates. These guests will receive 10% discount on standard seasonal rates.

Guests can change the hotel, number of guests, names etc.

Recalculation = (standard seasonal contract price - 10% discount) - (sum already paid)


All changes will be accepted UNTIL 29/04/2020 including and approved in writing upon hotel availability.

If by the recalculation and deduction of the deposit, an amount is overpaid, it will be  compensated from new bookings. No reimbursement will be made.

A)     Reductions:


Current Special offers, Early bookings and discounts (sent before 08.03.20 and as per main contract) are valid only for NEW BOOKINGS and are NOT cumulative with the discounts for modifications of bookings.


The 10% discount is valid only for modified bookings and the modification is made until 29.04.2020 incl.

B)     Cancellations

In order to grant the guests extra flexibility and encourage them to change, not to cancel the trip, White Lagoon stopped to apply the 60% penalty clause for whole seasons and for all bookings (paid and/ or unpaid; made also before 8th of March)


There are NO exceptions to the rules. Please follow the guidelines to make the process easier.

Seasons 2020:

High: 17.06 – 01.07 & 28.08 –31.08.2020

Mid: 01.06 –16.06 & 01.09 –09.09.2020

Low: 01.05 –31.05 & 10.09 –20.09.2020

Updated: 13.04.2020